Mop products:

Cleaning system to maintain stringent levels of cleanliness in controlled conditions. Mop fabrics are selected to provide the best cleaning for the job - from low linting, super absorbent mops for hi-tech facilities to autoclavable and chemically resistant mops for sterile environments. 

Tape products:

Pressure sensitive tapes for the cleanroom. Tapes processed to the level of cleanliness necessary to meet your critical application. All cleanroom tapes carry documentation to certify low extractables. Tape ranges from ultra-clean for cleanroom specific applications to static dissipative tapes for ESD-sensitive environments.

Sponges & Wipes


Range of sponges and wipes, developed as a disposable re-usable commodity for stringent applications found within cleanroom and sterile environments. The different configurations of wipers, sponges and lapping devices are designed with abrasion resistance, low-linting and absorbent features to best suit the application.

Handcare products:

Frequency of hand washing and associated conditioning treatments can only be assured when the dispensing system is simple and efficient. The Touch Free Soap Dispenser and soaps offer an easy and risk-free system for cleanrooms and sterile areas.

Detergents & Cleaners:

Optimum surface cleanliness in any controlled environment is key. The range of cleaners developed by Micronova include general purpose cleanroom cleaners which can claim low ion levels and fine filtration and aggressive formulas to deal with heavy-duty stains.


Irradiated Products:

An ultra processed, irradiated vinyl tape that helps limit particulate and bio-burden counts. Processed in a Class 10 environment, wound on a plastic core and double bagged, the tape comes with full certification of irradiation and lot traceability.

Hardware & Accessories:

The cleaning support system comprises a series of electro-polished stainless steel quick disconnect adapters and handles. These tools carry the various mop heads and attachments, offering the optimum in functionality and adaptability.



Miscellaneous products:

Form Swabs, Spill Pillows, Cleanroom Pens, etc..