Few Words About Us

Deltatec International Inc. is a highly successful and rapidly growing hi-tech marketing organization that serves the semiconductor, computer hardware and servers, graphic arts, media and clean room industries. A California Corporation, established in 1989, the company is involved in marketing, sales and customer support for all systems and products manufactured by United States companies. Sales and customer support are provided directly by Deltatec and through local representatives in Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and India.

Deltatec supplies consumables such as ESD bags, Gloves and OSHA required safety instruments for clean rooms to its international customers. The Company imports products from Taiwan, Japan and India.

In addition, Deltatec in early years provided marketing & consulting services, in the Graphic Arts Industry, with the wealth of experience and expertise of its Principals for nearly 50 years. The company also provided and supported integrated systems from various suppliers to satisfy specific needs and performance features that create economic advantages for the end user. These products come from manufacturers that are well known throughout the world.

Deltatec acted as an International representative for web and print media including placing advertisements in Metropolitan and National publications.

Deltatec has been particularly careful in its selection of companies and products to represent. Quality, innovative performance, reliability, market penetration and company reputation are some of the criteria requirements. The Deltatec International network has consistently provided workable solutions and service support without compromise, consistent with its mission objective.

All products are fully supported by Deltatec personnel with additional backup from the manufacturer. The fine reputation enjoyed by Deltatec, as an International organization, is the direct result of a unique approach involving significant customer participation, the advantage being total customer satisfaction. This additional involvement by Deltatec, beyond that supplied by the manufacturer comes at no additional cost to the customer.

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